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Welcome to Long' s Taxi & Airport Transportation your personal 24/7 car service:


Leave the Frustration of Traffic, Parking, and Driving behind. We provide comfortable, reliable, and safe transportation.

How Our Rates Are Set

Cape Cod Airport Transportation Rates

1.) Base Fares-

Prices are per vehicle type (not per person). Fuel, parking, and taxes are always included in our base rates and are never added as a surcharge. Airport Tolls are not included, average toll is $6.00.

2.) Extra Fees for Special Times & Day Fees:

  • Early and late Fees–    100% NEVER!!!!
  • Extra Fees for Stops-   I Think Not!!!!
  • Holiday Fees-                NO WAY!!!!

3.) Gratuity:

We suggest 20% gratuity for our drivers. Gratuity is based off of service and should be adjusted accordingly. All gratuity can be paid in cash to driver, check, or added to final credit card transaction.

4.) Military Discount:

We offer a military discount 0f 5% with "Proof of Active Duty"